Urban Street Forest

Urban Street Forest

CO₂ Compensation

Europeans emit an average of 6400 kg CO2 per year.
Globally we find 4500kg as an average per year.

A tree compensates 20kg~22kg CO2 per year averaged by age and specie.

If you plant 36 trees for 40 years you compensate your CO2-footprint.
Trees convert this CO2 for us into wood and fertile soil! So plant along with us for each Kg CO2 for only 1 cent (0.01€).

We plant in Spain and in 9 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and we make sure that every tree can have a careful headstart of 3 years of growth when we plant them. We compensate our IT and website usage of Urban Street Forest by planting trees as well, maybe an idea for your home-office

Did you know for instance that a standard email uses 4 g CO2.
An email with “long and tiresome attachments”: 50 g CO2.
This information is taken from a book by Mike Berners-Lee: ‘How Bad are Bananas?: The Carbon Footprint of Everything’ (2010)

Try us and let us plant trees for you! Fill in the form, and of course if you want a special package-deal mail us. To see the trees being planted, we update videos and social media feeds on our planting policy.

We base our data on trees.org and klimaatplein.nl