We plant trees!

We restore the ecological, social, and economic potential of landscapes by planting trees with local farmers communities, and partner organizations. We organize community tree planting days and provide education about tree planting.

Donate a tree!

Donate trees to combat deforestation – for every € 2.- you give, we will plant a tree!


We ensure high biodiversity, involvement of local communities and GPS the tree with all planting information to allow for tracking the impact of the trees.

Our projects

Incyte company tree planting day in The Netherlands

We organsied a tree planting day with the company, Incyte, in Limburg. Employees of Incyte learned about the positive impact of restoring landscapes, and helped to plant some nut trees on agricultural land. Their hard work was rewarded with a barbecue with local food, drinks and music on a typical farm in the Dutch country side. 

Deloitte community tree planting day in Amsterdam

Deloitte tree planting day in Amsterdam

Employees from the company Deloitte helped to re-green the space around an old people’s home during a tree planting day that we organised together. We also invited school children to help plant the trees, thus also providing space for social contact and cohesion of these groups of people in a city. 

Community tree planting day in Spain

Community tree planting day in Jerez del Marquesado, Spain

In collaboration with the mayor, the parents association and the school we organised a tree planting day for the whole village, helping to restore the local landscape, currently suffering from desertification. Companies who help us plant trees can choose to fight desertification on our own continent by planting trees with communities and farmers in Spain. 

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*Urban Street Forest is GPSing trees in 2022

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