Terms and conditions

Urban Street Forest Foundation

Registration Charitable Status: 8560.92.423
Retiefstraat 41h
1092 VW Amsterdam
The Netherlands


CoC number: 65388259
Bank account/IBAN: NL71 TRIO 0391 1383 59


Bank address: Utrechtseweg 44, 3704 HD, Zeist


  • chairman: Harm Bredero
  • treasurer: Nina Kaun
  • secretary: Frances Osborn
  • general board member: Kaspar König

Financial information

The board members of this foundation do not receive any remuneration for the performance of their duties.

The Urban Street Forest Foundation has the ANBI status. This means that donors can deduct their donations from income tax or corporation tax. Donors can receive an invoice of the donation on request.

Privacy Statement

  • All your personal data that you share with the Urban Street Forest Foundation will be treated with the greatest care and are not accessible to others. The Urban Street Forest Foundation does not share any personal data with other parties unless explicit permission has been given.
  • If you provide us with your contact details, we will only use them to contact you in the interest of and in line with the objectives of the Urban Street Forest Foundation and to keep you informed on the progress of USF.
  • You may at any time request Urban Street Forest to delete your personal data.

For questions or comments, please contact us at info@urbanstreetforest.com.