Restore the planet – let’s work together!


Regenerate landscapes

Your organisation can help re-green degraded land, improve water retention in dry areas and bring back biodiversity and healthy soil to farmlands!


Reduce your carbon footprint

Besides offsetting your CO2 emssions, we ensure our partners plant a biodiverse set of native trees, thus restoring the soil, enriching local biodiversity and providing an income for the local community.


Organise a tree planting day

Learn more about landscape restoration and experience the joy of planting trees yourself during a tree planting day with your organisation!

Are you joining us as a partner?

Choose the way you would like to contribute! 

Tree per product

Plant a tree for every product you sell and repair landscapes with your sales!

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Do you want to embed your mission to restore landscapes in your organization? Plant trees for every product you sell!

  • Offer your customers products that are climate neutral or low-impact!
  • Restore landscapes while growing your business
  • The trees you plant will be visible on your company page

Long term partnerships

Looking for a partnership with a charity? Join us in a shared journey in landscape restoration!”

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Looking for a partnership with a charity? Get in touch to learn more about the possibilities!

  • Join our mission to keep our planet habitable in by restoring landscapes!
  • Involve your team in local tree planting activities
  • Offset your carbon by investing in agroforestry projects that contribute to landscape regeneration internationally
  • Receive a company page that shows the trees we planted together & video’s of our joint

Tree planting days

Plant trees with your company and help restore landscapes in low-wage countries along the way!

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Are you looking for a sustainable and fun activity for your team? Get in touch and join a tree planting day!

  • Get down to action and plant trees with your team!
  • Learn more about landscape restoration and the role that trees play
  • We always plant additional trees in low-wage countries to increase your ecological and social impact
  • The trees will be visible on your page with a photo of each tree, its GPS location and the name of the planter.

Plant Trees!

By planting trees with us you can offset your carbon emissions and regenerate landscapes in one go!

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Do you want to offset your carbon in a sustainable way? Get in touch with us to get involved in our agroforestry projects that also have an ecological, social and economic impact.

  • Offset your carbon by contributing to agroforestry projects that help
    restore and regenerate landscapes.
  • Traceability. The trees will be visible on your webpage with a photo of each tree, its GPS location and the name of the planter.
  • Visibility. Spread the word by sharing our videos of the projects you have been part of.

Are you interested in a partnership? Or would you like to receive more information? Get in touch!

Noortje Schrauwen, / Head of Partnerships  | +31(0)617866601

Why work with us?

  • We use tree planting to restore landscapes whilst also improving the ecological, social and economic resilience of the areas we work in.
  • We plant a diverse mix of native tree species, including edibles, to ensure a broader and more resilient regeneration of ecological value to the landscape, including food for local communities.
  • We work with local farmers, communities and partner organizations, who can draw an income from planting trees, thus making the restoration of landscapes economically viable.
  • Urban Street Forest aims for a high tree survival rate by tracing trees throughout their life cycle 
  • Transparency: we document the GPS coordinates, the names of the land owner and/or the planters, and share photos of the trees on company profiles, providing a “proof of work”.
  • We invest in community projects and share our knowledge by providing workshops and online educational materials.
  • We help companies to move from making a less negative impact to making a positive impact by restoring landscapes and regenerating landscapes.
  • We work internationally, offering planting options, currently in the Netherlands, Spain and sub-Saharan Africa. 

Our partners

We help corporations to use a sustainable approach when offsetting carbon, by steering tree-planting projects also on other environmental, social and economic benefits.