About us!


Our mission

Our mission is to restore the ecological, social and economic potential of landscapes, by planting trees with local farmers, communities and partner organizations.


Our vision

We envision a world that is ecologically, socially and economically healthy. We see tree-planting as crucial to achieve this goal.


We see  companies and other organisations playing a crucial role in the regeneration of degraded landscapes worldwide by supporting restorative and productive tree-planting projects. 

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Our strategy

USF connects organisations who want to help restore landscapes with landowners and planters in tree-planting projects, currently in the Netherlands, Spain and sub-Saharan African countries – and we are expanding. 


We enable our partners to use a sustainable approach for offsetting CO2 through tree-planting projects in combination with other environmental, social and economic benefits. 


USF provides accountability of the planted trees by giving information such as the GPS location, a photo and the name of the planter, on a company profile, providing a transparent proof of work and direct connection with our planting partner on the ground. 

Our team


Chairman, Project organisation & Carbon Karma


Treasurer & Management




Board Member, Ideation, Networking & Funding


Co-founder, Concept & Landscape restoration


Project organisation & Education


Graphic design


Web development






Why work with us?

  • We use tree planting to restore landscapes whilst also improving the ecological, social and economic resilience of the areas we work in.
  • We plant a diverse mix of native tree species, including edibles, to ensure a broader and more resilient regeneration of the ecological value to the landscape, including food for local communities
  • Urban street forest aims for a high tree survival rate  by tracing trees throughout their life cycle 
  • Transparency: we document the GPS coordinates, the names of the land owner and/or the planters, and share photos of the trees on company profiles, providing a proof of work 
  • We invest in community projects and share our knowledge by providing workshops and online educational materials 
  • We help companies to move from making a less negative impact to making a positive impact by restoring and regenerating landscapes
  • We work internationally, offering planting options in the Netherlands, Spain and sub-Saharan Africa

Are you interested in a partnership? Or would you like to receive more information? Get in touch!

Noortje Schrauwen, / Head of Partnerships

noortje@urbanstreetforest.com  | +31(0^17866601