Help restore landcapes in Uganda

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Help us restore the mountain slopes in Ruboni, Kasese district, by planting trees with us.


Healthy water cycles

Communities in the region of Rinsori mountains are facing difficulties due to deforestation, like floodings and erosion of valuable soils. By planting trees on high regions of the mountains, we slow down water cycle to prevent run-off and floodings, and help retain water in the region.


You can coose any number of trees you would  like to donate, by choosing from the list or typing in the number of trees. 


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Help reforest the mountain slopes in Ruboni (Kasese district in Uganda).

Communities in the region of Rinsori mountains are facing many difficulties due to deforestation:

  • The most impactful effects are the severe floods that take place. Many houses and infrastructure are flushed away during floods, also killing people. 
  • With rain water flushing down the mountains, also erosion of (fertile) soils decrease the vitality of the land. 
  • Deforestation also has a large impact on the water cycle. The rivers are drying up: small streams on dry river banks are left, where before the river was wider and river banks were grown over by trees. 

Planting trees on top of the mountains is key to prevent further erosion and floods, so this will be well explained and practical solutions will be shared with the farmers. 

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