CO₂ Compensation

Good to know:

    • A standard email uses 4 g CO2 and an email with “long and tiresome attachments” uses 50 g CO2.

This information is taken from a book by Mike Berners-Lee: ‘How Bad are Bananas?: The Carbon Footprint of Everything’ (2010)

    • A tree can absorb 20kg~22kg CO2 per year averaged by age and species.

If you plant 36 trees for 40 years you can compensate your CO2-footprint.
Trees convert this CO2 for us into wood and fertile soil! So plant along with us for each kg CO2 for only 1 cent (0.01€).

We plant in Spain and in countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and we make sure that every tree can have a careful head-start by checking and validating their growth after they have been planted.

Compensate your IT and website usage (even this little visit) – maybe an idea for your home-office

Donate 5 trees for €10 today, or start monthly donations here.

To see the trees being planted, we update videos and social media feeds on our planting policy and watch the tree counter on the homepage. 

We base our data on and