Plant trees with us!

The loss of fertile soil is a major problem worldwide. Each year, an estimated 24 billion tons of fertile soil are lost due to erosion. That’s 3.4 tons lost every year for every person on the planet. However, in 10 to 15 years an area can become fertile again, if steps are taken to regreen it. Plant trees today to regenerate the planet!

Our promise

  • We plant as many trees as possible for every euro donated
  • We plant a diverse mix of native tree species
  • We enable you to support communities
  • We stimulate social and economic wellbeing
  • We share knowledge and educate
  • We work for future generations
  • We employ a bottom-up approach
  • We maintain a pragmatic way of working
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Why trees? 

Planting trees is a key solutions for restoring the soil. The roots of a tree bring more air, water and nutrients to the soil. Also, the shade that the tree brings helps the soil to retain water, giving also other plants the opportunity to grow. When the land is being restored and plant coverage grows, the local climate changes (cools and retains more water), which can even impact rainfall patterns!


Why plant with us?

We are a foundation that plants trees in the Netherlands, other European countries and Africa. We often work together with farmers in agroforestry projects. In this way we do not only help to restore nature, but also the local economy. For every tree we plant in the Netherlands we plant at least one tree in Spain and Africa to combat desertification.

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Multiple benefits

For trees to be able to grow, they take up carbon from the air and store this in their biomass and in the soil. In this way, they help to lower the amount of CO2 in the air and improve the soil quality along the way! And did you know we plant a varied mix of native species, to insure our projects contribute to the local biodiversity?